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Lynn Jennings

Lynn Jennings (born July 1, 1960 in Princeton, New Jersey) is a retired American long-distance runner. She is one of the best female American runners of all time, with a range from 1500 meters to the marathon. She excelled at all three of the sport's major disciplines: track, road, and cross country. She became the first American woman to win an Olympic long-distance track medal when she won the bronze at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. She set a world indoor record in the 5000 meter run in 1990. Her American road-race record for 10 km (31:06) still stands. (Source: Wikipedia.)



From Olympic Runner Lynn Jennings:

Miriam's strong, intuitive and skilled hands (and feet!) tended my wounded body and she helped me put myself back together. She understands athletes and how dispiriting it can be to have a body that is not working exactly as we would want. If you want a weekly antidote, if you want to be sure you are maintaining your body as you train hard, come see Miriam. You'll be glad you did.

There are no words...

deserving or even bordering on justly describing the experience of letting Miriam do her thing. Give her exact direction, and she will certainly locate and alleviate your pain/discomfort/whatever ails. But it's the intuitive aspect of her healing tree hands that really provides the magic. She just inevitably finds the trauma that proves what you thought to be your cause to actually only be the effect. Best massage I've ever had, every time. ---Brent B.

Miriam has been curing my family's ailments for years. As a dancer and all around physical person, my body can hold tension for what seems like months on end. This often affects my sleep schedule and a host of other things. An appointment with Miriam helps get my body back on track and I have yet to find her rival in all my travels. Whenever I'm in town I check in with Miriam. She is truly gifted. ---Wi Moto N.

Miriam is really understanding of why you are there. She listens to what you are telling her about your body and what it needs. Very knowledgeable and thorough in her work. I was a competitive runner in college and was spoiled with massage every day so Miriam is a very welcome addition to my workout regime. One of the best in our city, if not THE best. ---Jay P.

I train in martial arts, and really put my body through the ringer. Miriam is my go-to when I need to be smoothed back out. She loves working on athletes and people dealing with muscle pain, and I can understand why-- her work releases pain and makes a big difference. I leave her studio feeling joyful and like I have my body back. She is intuitive in her work, but also has a deep knowledge of the body. I will continue to recommend her to all my friends! ---Michelle J

I'm an extreme landscape contractor. I couldn't live without Miriam! She keeps my body from feeling broken! ---Jaylene W.

Great Massage! Wished I had booked more than an hour! The facility was clean and smelled nice, masseuse was educated, attentive and knew about the special needs of athletes. I will be back for sure! KikiB.


I came to Miriam with bouldering-related shoulder pain, as well as some chronic lower back pain, and left a completely de-frazzled, limber, more educated person. She has definitely mastered her profession, as demonstrated through perfectly placed pressure points/movements and her shared knowledge, so that I could continue healing and avoiding injury well after seeing her. I do not live in the Portland area, but if I did (or do in the future??) I know exactly who to go to. She is amazing.

I have never felt such relief from chronic neck and back pain! I had whiplash from multiple car accidents and had plateaued in physical therapy. I had all but given up until I went to Miriam, who basically fixed me in three sessions. She is truly talented. -Megan L.

My neck and shoulder pain is secondary to a motor vehicle accident over 20 years ago. Miriam improved my range of motion and decreased my chronic pain with our first session. A second session is already scheduled! Hopefully, at some point 'chronic pain' will be no longer applicable. -R.B.

I was ENTIRELY pleased with the massage therapy Miriam gave me - I did feel quite immediate changes in a knee problem and have made another appointment because I'm sure I'm on the right road now. Miriam's skill and professionalism is very evident. ---J.G.

Miriam is really understanding of why you are there. She listens to what you are telling her about your body and what it needs. Very knowledgeable and thorough in her work. I was a competitive runner in college and was spoiled with massage every day so Miriam is a very welcome addition to my workout regime. One of the best in our city, if not THE best. Mary Von Z.

I have a lot of shoulder trouble due to my job and it can get so tense that my shoulder will seize up and not want to move. Miriam can get my shoulders relaxed and functioning again in one session; when I go regularly my pain is actually gone. Amazing. -B. Ayres

Miriam has repaired & prevented numerous injuries that would otherwise have impaired my livelihood.. Kyler Meserve

Everyday Stress

Miriam is wonderful. So happy to have found someone who doesn't approach massage like a paint by numbers project.

Miriam is a professional who is extremely aware of the body mechanics and can accurately determine how to manipulate & massage, resulting in reduced pain. I have had many massage therapist and would highly recommend Mariam as one of the very best in her field. ---Karon H.

i have to thank Miriam at Healing Tree for giving me the best massage i've ever had. She combined several techniques to relieve work related discomfort. techniques ranged from incredibly relaxing, tension releasing & targeting highly focused areas of discomfort. her prices are reasonable, especially considering her experience & the quality of service. i look forward to my next visit to Healing Tree - as should you. Celia H.

I just love Miriam's massages! They are such a wonderful way to reduce stress and ease tension in the body. I always leave feeling uber relaxed :) -

An excellent experience everyone deserves to have! The therapist's knowledge and compassion radiated through her hands and feet! Thus, allowing me to really dive deep into the experience. What a gift to receive. Christina P.

Don't Go Anywhere Else! My husband and I decided to try Miriam because we had read all the stellar reviews. We're so glad we did! Miriam is so calm and peaceful, but those hands of hers are like warriors. She took away our pain after an hour massage--she's very knowledgeable, treats her job like a craft (as it should be), and her hands navigated the terrain of our bodies like they were on a mission. Truly, it was the best massage we had experienced. Do yourself a favor and don't go anywhere else. You will thank us :) -Denise and Jason

Superior Body Work! Miriam will give you the massage of your life. She combines different techniques depending on what your body needs during that visit. Her body work leaves you feeling much better then when you arrived, both physically and mentally. I prefer her quiet, personalized space over a spa atmosphere. I recommend her services with great confidence. ---Lauren B.