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1435 NW 23rd, Portland 97203
Hours: 9-4 M-Sat by appt only
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We are currently away and will re-open at the end of December. Feel free to book ahead! Thank you! — Miriam/Healing Tree Massage


Miriam German, owner of Healing Tree Massage located on NW 23rd in NW Portland,has been a licensed massage therapist since 1998. She graduated from East West College and following graduation, began to teach massage there as well.

The focus at Healing Tree Massage is on individualized needs of each client and athlete, injury repair and rehab, workout preparation for the body before competitions and during trainings and on prevention of injuries in the future to name only a few of the focal points.

The clientele at Healing Tree Massage include athletes who run the gamut from professional sports (football, hockey, basketball, baseball) to Ironman competitors, Marathoners, Triathletes, to people who enjoy more leisurely workouts running, hiking and biking.

Healing Tree Massage also serves the medical community in Portland with many Doctors and Nurses from Legacy and Providence Hospitals coming for massage weekly.

Many clients at Healing Tree Massage have left their physical therapy appointments preferring to continue with Miriam's work because the treatments are so effective. Please feel free to sign up for an appointment online. It's simple and easy. Let Healing Tree Massage take care of you when you need it most.

"I'm really glad I discovered Healing Tree Massage. Miriam really knows what she is doing!"
---Hockey player on the Winterhawks Team, Dec. 2014