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Deep Tissue Massage · Sports Massage · Injury Massage ·
Active Release Technique (A.R.T.)

Athletes and people with injuries need a number of different massage modalities to help bring them relief. I use many but primarily Deep Tissue. Because I've been in practice since 1998, I have seen a lot of injuries and even more athletes and have a "toolbox" for each individual client.

I specialize in athletes and injuries as well as clients with chronic pain. I believe that chronic pain can be greatly decreased once you are placed in the hands of a highly qualified therapist who has the tools to make a difference for your body. For clients with chronic pain, I can either help to decrease the level of intensity of the pain, help your body rid itself of pain altogether or in the case of certain diseases, at least help keep the pain at bay for longer periods of time bringing you the relief you need.


One of my special tools is ashiatsu massage. I am able to apply pressure from a very different angle by being directly above your body. I stand above your body on the table using bars on the ceiling for my balance. There is nothing that can replace this particular "tool" or modality.

I usually suggest three sessions for those with chronic pain. I use hot stones often in most sessions at no extra charge.

Cold Laser Therapy

Note: After a year of looking into this therapy, I decided it was finally time to get this! I am so happy that I have this service to offer you because Cold Laser Therapy has worked so well for me and clients I've worked with. After speaking to a multi-medalled Olympian skier who uses this as part of his program, I decided it was time. You can sign up for this through several options when you book your appointment.

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